Om Puri back with second wife

There’s another new development in Om Puri’s rather complicated love life. The actor is now back with his second wife Nandita, whom he had planned to divorce a few months ago. Om had been upset with Nandita because she revealed private and sleazy details from his past in his biography that she wrote.

Om was very embarrassed by the book, and had said that he would be separating from Nandita. He’d added that he’d try to reconcile with his first wife Seema. He’d said then, "I want to spend my old life with Seemaji. I’ve done her wrong in the past. I want to make amends." And then he reportedly even moved in with Seema.

But now the amends have been made with second wife Nandita. The couple are back together and recently celebrated their wedding anniversary with a party for friends. Om didn’t elaborate on what led to the two getting back together but it could be that the couple were concerned about how their son Ishaan would be affected by a divorce.


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