Om 3D Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

The outcome of OM (3D) can be better explained when split into OM and 3D, i.e the movie and the 3D effects.

Talking about the former, it is a revenge drama with lot of action. Arjun (Kalyan Ram) is the loving son of HarishandraPrasad (Karthik). They are a rich well-bonded family. The rivals make Arjun kill his father. The whole movie revolves around what leads him to that situation and how does he thwart
the antagonists. OM has lot of twists, some really good and some heavily predictable. The movie scores brownie points for the good screenplay and following a brisk pace wrapping the movie in 2hours. Also, another plus is the movie sticking to the story without going for any unimportant comedy track.

Coming to the cast and performances, Kalyan Ram was OK. He still has a long way to go to look comfortable on the screen. His hairstylist in the movie did a bad job. Karthik is an asset to the movie. His charm is still so fresh, and his voice was dubbed by the same person in his hey days. He is a treat to watch, after a long hiatus. Suresh was stylish and effective. Sampath was good too. His hairdo was terrible too. Kriti Kharbanda and Nikeesha Patel were apt in significant roles. Rao Ramesh is good with the Srikakulam accent, but too loud at times. His sidekick was funny at times.

The 3D aspect is purely a result of self-indulgence of the producer. Though the huge effort behind it can be appreciated, there was no substantial reason to use them. All you get to see in 3D are the glass pieces falling on you during the micro/macro blasts in the movie. 3D was more a liability than an asset to
the movie.

Music by Sai Karthik and Achu is so fresh and pleasant avoiding heavy beats or the regular tunes we hear these days. Screenplay by the director Sunil Reddy played a vital role in engaging the audience. In fact, it was the backbone of this revenge drama.

All in all, OM is a one-time watch movie for its crisp screenplay, fast pace and some good twists.

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