How Old Are You satellite rights sold for Rs 5.5 crs!

How Old Are You is as fresh a breath of air as any in recent times in Mollywood and there’s a multitude of reasons why. The movie’s phenomenal success at the box office aside, it has also changed a few things in many other spheres of life ranging from political to societal.


The movie’s team too deserves a lot of credit and the producers of this flick have shown a thing or two to the industry at large!

The satellite rights have been sold for Rs 5.5 crores, which is a big deal given the fact that it is not a mass entertainer starring a male superstar but a woman centric film. This is also impressive since the rights were sold after the movie was released and it has been weeks, so it speaks volumes about the movie’s popularity.

Kudos to Listin Joseph, who produced this film under the banner of Magic Frames!

Now, it is also worth mentioning at this point that the film did not by any means employ huge marketing gimmicks or extravagant promotional tactics but instead had a silent opening and the team behind the flick obviously decided to let it speak for itself.

Manju Warrier, who made her comeback through the movie and played the lead role of Nirupama Rajeev, has been made in to sort of a symbol for women and their rights.

The film sheds light on many issues faced by women and her recent appointment as the brand ambassador for organic farming in the state (a central topic in the film) is just one example of how much the audiences have taken the movie to heart.

The State Government is officially beginning an initiative in organic farming in households and they are, lo and behold, adopting the methods shown in the film for this. Talk about influencing the public right there!

To sum it up, How Old Are You is a film that’s definitely going down in the history of Malayalam cinema as a unique one and congrats to the director Rosshan Andrrews on that one too.

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