How Old Are You causes an ‘MLA fight’!

Manju Warrier’s How Old Are You has been declared a golden hit with critical and commercial success going through the roof, and the fans embracing the comeback of the actress with open arms. The female viewers were especially impressed with the film, Manju’s performance and the tale a woman fighting for her dream against all odds and prejudices. So far so good..


But that’s not all – the movie has had certain other unanticipated outcomes as well. Manju’s fan following was immense to begin with but this film has increased its intensity to all new levels; a welcome relief one assumes for the actress who is going through a particularly hard and much publicised divorce right now.

There was an incident in the Kerala Legislative Assembly recently, when as a somewhat off the cuff retort, an MLA suggested that perhaps the Civil Supplies Department should ‘take a few cues’ from the Manju Warrier flick and come up with more female friendly initiatives. Now, while this may have been casual and let’s admit it – a bit silly – it could have and maybe should have stopped there.

But the Civil Supplies Minister Anoop Jacob, went on to one up the MLA and responded that he hadn’t seen the movie. This, apparently, was akin to pouring fuel in to fire and soon the situation turned ridiculous (understatement) with a heated debate on who all had in fact seen the movie and who hadn’t.

Finally, it took the speaker G Karthikeyan to bring an end to the frivolous ‘fight’ and bring everyone back to reality, by emphasizing quite strongly that ‘enough is enough’!

While a simple ‘LOL’ should suffice as an apt response to this incident, one is also forced to question our elected representatives on their unfortunately evident disregard for the value of time and resources.

Wonder what the actress and the director of the film Rosshan Andrrews think of all this – on second thought let’s not – just hope that more good movies come our way.

In this difficult socio political climate, that looks like the only reprieve for us anyway.

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