How Old Are You not aimed at Dileep

Rosshan Andrrews’ movie How Old Are You which served as the comeback vehicle for Manju Warrier is doing phenomenal business and a lot of it can be attributed to Manju’s loyal fan base, but the success of the movie has also given rise to some other interesting ‘observations’… to put it mildly.


Well, let’s just say the plot of the movie which is about a woman in her thirties, who fights society’s preconceptions and prejudices about age to realize her dream, was somewhat reminiscent of Manju’s own comeback saga; and the actress herself agreed that the character resembles her in many ways.

Be that as it may, with Manju being called the protagonist in the plot, the bad guy would have to be her husband in the story and the fans have been whispering quite a lot among themselves that the whole movie is an indirect but obvious jab at Manju’s real life ex husband – Dileep, the Popular Actor.

It’s a known fact that Dileep was the one preventing Manju from coming back to acting and that her comeback was the reason for their divorce. See how the reel life story parallels the real life tale of the ‘woman batting the odds’?

In any case, the public drew this conclusion and this seems to have reached the ears of the director of the hit flick, Rosshan Andrrews.

He has come out in vehement denial of this theory and has stated clearly that the similarities are purely coincidental.

Manju had not even signed on for the movie when the script was completed and they had not thought of her playing the lead until it was announced that her much publicized return project with director Ranjith had been cancelled.

Things just worked out the way it did for both the director and the amazing actress, and movie magic just sort of happened. Whatever the reality may be, the movie has captured the hearts of the fans and given many people something to remember for years.

Kudos to the film maker and the actress for making a brilliant film, and also appreciate the class act of not ‘rolling with the rumors’ to get with the public…

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