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The term "Bombay Blood Group" might sound interesting. But, the movie takes on the note of high seriousness and abrupt climax – badly missing the entertainment factor




Kiran (Gopichand), son a private bank employee, goes to Mumbai on an urgent work. In order to get it done, he needs money. For that, he decides to sell their land in Mumbai. Gowthami (Neha Julka) comes into the picture as a real estate agent to deal with the hero’s requirement. Delay in the deal forces Kiran to seek the girl’s assistance for arrangement of money even before disposing off the property. At this juncture, Mumbai’s baddy Sonabhai (Mahesh Manjrekar) suffers a stroke. The docs announce that he should get heart-transplanted within no time. He is also in dire need of an uncommon blood group called "Bombay Blood Group". His henchmen zero in on Kiran, at last. The chase smeared in blood puts Kiran at the vintage point. After all, his heart and blood are most wanted for their boss. By the by, he finds his job through for what he has landed in Mumbai. What’s that? It forms the climax point.




Gopichand appears cool as a city guy, differing from his earlier roles in rustic background. Further, there is a marked change in his dialogue delivery, mannerism and stunts. He looks very much appealing in action episodes. There is nothing much to mention about his prowess in other departments such as songs and emotions. 

New face Neha Julka is passable as heroine for Gopichand. Though displayed some amount of amateurishness, she can expect for advancement in Tollywood. Mahesh Manjrekar is the perfect fit as the villain of the movie. His villainy is subject-oriented and nothing to do with a place or target.

Nazar did the role of villain’s sidekick with positive casting. Rahul Dev has come out with an impressive performance. Giri Babu appears as heroine’s dad.

Brahmanandam contributed his might to sustain the comedy department.



Technical Values


Story is certainly new to our audiences and it takes much pain to make it convincing. Chandrasekhar Yeleti, has come out with perfect screenplay and direction, to treat his subject to a logical conclusion. With a single line theme based on a unique blood group, he did weave the entire thing, showing his concentration on the screenplay.  

Interestingly, he puts the hero in a very safe zone, though he is hunted by the villain’s gang. It is all for his blood and heart. This comes as a very interesting thing.Music by MM Keeravani sounds dull and same is the case with the songs. Expecting the hero and heroine to spare time for romance will lead to disappointment. Though their relationship gets thicker, the same is not developed properly.

Compared to his earlier flicks, Aithe and Anukokunda Oka Roju, this movie seriously lacks humor. Comedy for comedy sake, though new to his movies, is attempted here without much success. The movie turns highly serious in the second half, kicking off a strong sense of boredom.

Cinematography by Jayakrishna Gummadi is good.

Dialogues by Koratala Siva are okay.

Stunts by three stuntmen are excellent and become a major plus point to the movie to lure action lovers. Heavy violence and bloodshed might keep off the soft audience.




The movie generated "not up to the scratch" talk. Serious mood in the second half and inadequate treatment of romance might become a major drawback in convincing the B and C centers. Once again, this Yeleti’s film has to depend on the A class audiences.


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