Okkadu Migiladu Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Okkadu Migiladu
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Manchu Manoj,Anisha Ambrose, Milind Gunaji, Posani
Director Ajay Andrews
Music Director Siva R Nandigam
Production Company SN Reddy
Release Date November 10, 2017

Families help an actor as just backup to get into the movies. Ultimately it’s up to the actor to prove himself and build his image among audience. Many actors came from many families and some are struggling to prove their existence and some are struggling to get solid hits. Manchu Manoj is one such actor who came into films with his family background and proved his versatile taste with his kind of movies and subjects. He has been struggling to get a solid hit for a long time. He is now coming up with Okkadu Migiladu which is said to be based on Srilankan Tamilians and their struggle. Manchu Manoj is said to be playing to versatile characters in this movie which is directed by Ajay Andrews who also acted in the movie. Let’s see how it works on us!


Manoj in Okkadu Migiladu
Manoj in Okkadu Migiladu

Surya (Manchu Manoj) and his friends are arrested and they are being tortured in a very violent way to make them sign for the false case of selling drugs. They never lose their ground and while they are being transferred to a rural police station, a constable (Posani Krishna Murali) helps them as he know their story. Then they reveal the story of Peter (Manchu Manoj) who is the leader of Srilankan Tamilians and his fight and struggle to give them a secured life. What is the story of Surya? What is the story of Peter? How are they connected? These questions for the rest of the story.

Cast and performance

Manchu Manoj did a nice job in portraying roles of Surya and Peter which are almost same in terms of aggression but are varied with the time and place they live. Manoj’s hard work for the role of people’s leader Peter is visibly seen on screen. Anisha Ambrose who did the role of a journalist is good. She has a very limited role. Posani Krishna Murali is nice as a constable with a touch of humanity. Benarjee is terrific. Ajay Andrews as Victor is good. Suhasini Maniratnam is as usual and Milind Gunaji is good.

Writing department

Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review
Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review

Story of this Okkadu Migiladu is all about the fight of Srilankan Tamilians. Screenplay is mediocre and is filled with a lot of melodramatic episodes. Dialogues are good.

Technical departments

Music by Siva Nandigam is okay. He could have done a lot better work for background score. Cinematography is good and war episodes and boat episodes are shot well. Editing could have been better to make the movie more crispy and racy. Art department did a nice job and action is choreographed well. Production values are okay.


Manchu Manoj


Extreme violence


Okkadu Migiladu is about the struggles of Srilankan Tamilians who neither belong to Srilanka or India in the eyes of officials. It’s about their struggle of survival from the armies and how they gave birth to a leader among themselves and how he sacrificed himself for the betterment of the lives of his people. Peter, who in other terms known as the leader is always the first to fight and he always used to say that leaders never cry and it becomes his trademark dialogue as he use it in many instances. This movie might be a good experience if the screenplay is well written with subtle emotions. Screenplay plays the spoilsport and writer and director Ajay Andrews Nuthakki could have taken better care in that aspects. Manchu Manoj seems to be worked very hard for this movie and his hard work certainly don’t pay off with the bad writing and many a times in the movie that audience feel yawning as it doesn’t connect the way makes intended. To sum up, Okkadu Migiladu is another disappointment for Manoj Manchu.

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