Okka Kshanam Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Okka Kshanam
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Seerat Kapoor, Avasarala Srinivas
Director VI Anand
Music Director Mani Sharma
Production Company Chakri Chirugupati
Release Date December 28, 2017

Movies which has different concepts and content are well received by the audience now a days. Audience are waiting for the new stories to come as they are vexed with the same age old routine template stories. When the most complicated concepts are told in a simple and effective way to engage audience, they are well received which is proved by Manam and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavaada. Director Vi Anand who made his Telugu debut with Tiger has made a movie with Nikhil in the name of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavaada, which is a biockbuster when released. He is now back with Okka Kshanam, which stars Allu Sireesh, Surabhi, Srinivas Avasarala, Seerat Kapoor and others. This movie is produced by Chakri Chigurupati and this movie has got a lot of buzz around it. Let’s see if it live upto the hype and expectations around it.


Allu Sirish and Surabhi in Okka Kshanam
Allu Sirish and Surabhi in Okka Kshanam

Jeeva (Allu Sireesh) and Jyotshna (Surabhi) meet accidentally in a mall and they both fall in love with each other. They are happy with each other and both their families know their relationship and they are ok with it. They happen to know Jyotshna’s neighbor couple (Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor) who are disturbed in their marriage and are living life with quarrels everyday. Due to some issues, Jeeva and Jyo gets to know the life of the couple. They find the happenings of the couple’s life same as theirs. Each and every incident happened in their life is happening in Jeeva and Jyo’s life. They gets know the concept of parallel life from a college professor and after that they find Swathi (Seerat Kapoor) killed by her husband. Affected by it, Jyo leaves Jeeva and goes away. What happened after that? How do they meet again? What happened in the couple’s life?

Cast and performance

Allu Sireesh has done a fine job in the role of Jeeva. He could have been much expressive to make his performance much better. He managed to play the role of Jeeva with the skills he know. Surabhi is good as Jyotshna and she is beautiful. Srinivas Avasarala is superb. He did good job in playing his role. Seerat Kapoor is fine. Prabhas Seenu is humorous. Jaya Prakash, Kasi Viswanath and Rohini are good. Praveen is effective in his brief role. Dasari Arun is good. Raghu Karumanchi, Viva Harsha and Sudharshan Reddy are good. All other actors performed well.

Writing Department

Okka Kshanam Poster
Okka Kshanam Poster

Story of Okka Kshanam is interesting but screenplay could have been written much better to engage audience in a effective way. Dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Mani Sharma are nice and he is at ease in scoring background score for this movie. His background score is very much effective in many scenes. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu is good. Editing could have been more racy and crispy. Production values are good.

Music by Mani Sharma

First half


Okka Kshanam is a story of two couples whose lives are parallel and incidents in one couple’s life happens in another’s life. The concept of parallel lives has been told in the form of two love stories and a murder mystery. The murder that happened makes the lives of other couple more complicated as they know their future. As the makers publicized this movie is a game between love and destiny. Director Vi Anand who scored a blockbuster with his previous movie has done average job with this movie. First half of the movie fails to engage audience and the second half is saved by mystery elements. Screenplay could have been well written to make it another blockbuster. To sum up, Okka Kshanam is an average attempt.

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