Oka Manasu Review – Niharika and Naga Shaurya’s Poetic Love Story!

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Families has a very dominant position in our film industries in India. We Telugu industry to have such families like Nandamuri, Mega, Akkineni and Daggubati. Whenever someone from their families make their debut, there is a lot of hype and noise around it. We have now Konidela Niharika, debuting as female lead from Mega family with Oka Manasu under the direction of Ramaraju of Mallelatheeram lo fame alongside Naga Shaurya produced by Madhura Sreedhar. This movie is releasing today in theatres with a lot of buzz and hype in the circles of Mega family and among all the audience. Let’s see how it works on us!!


A Still from Oka Manasu
A Still from Oka Manasu

Surya (Naga Shourya) is an aspiring politician who is backed up by his father who is of middle class and loyal servant of a political party. Sandhya (Niharika Konidela) is a doctor who lives with her divorced mother (Pragathi) and her sister. They both fall in love with each other. Surya’s father tries and fetches him a municipal seat to contest. He wants to see Surya as a MLA. As Surya do settlements he is backstabbed by his loyal friend and he ends up in jail for beating a dalit person. He comes out with a bail and meets Sandhya and recollects his love with her. How they both become one?? How he solves his problem with dalit person?? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Naga Shourya is good and has given nice performance in the role of Surya. He is well as both politician and a lover. Niharika Konidela is good and is good fit for the role of Sandhya. Her expressions look artificial in some scenes. It is a commendable debut for her going by her performance and movie. Rao Ramesh is good as a struggling father who strives to make his son a leader. Pragathi is well acted. Srinivas Avasarala, Nagineedu, Vennela Kishore are good. Other actors did to the extent of their role.

Writing Department

Love story written by Rama Raju is so simple and plain. Screenplay is very very slow. Dialogues written are good but they feel like forcefully written to inject them into scenes.

Technical Departments

Naga Shourya and Niharika in Oka Manasu
Naga Shourya and Niharika in Oka Manasu

Oka Mnasu movie Songs composed by Sunil Kashyap are nice and melodious. Everyone has their own pick from the album. Background score composed by him is nice but feels like monotonous at times. Cinematography by Ram Reddy is nice. He captured the locales of Vijayanagaram and surroundings beautifully. Visuals are colorful and attractive. Editing should have been much better. There is a lot and lot more to do it crispy and racy. Art team is very much in coordination with camera department and enhanced visuals more and added for their beauty. Production values are rich and apt.



  • Naga Shaurya
  • Niharika Konidela
  • Cinematography by Ram Reddy
  • Songs by Sunil Kashyap
  • Climax


  • Very very slow paced screenplay
  • Number of ineffective lead pair conversations


Movie begins with what Sandhya feels about her past love with Surya and her mother trying to inject some other person into her and make her marry. Simultaneously, Surya gets released from jail for some crime he committed in the past. He searches for Sandhya and meets her. The scenes where Pragathi, who acted as mother of Niharika convincing her to marry is tedious and feels repetitive. Pace of the movie is very and very slow that it at times test the patience and at times bore you to yawn. Movie runs in the flashback mode with very slow paced screenplay. Dialogues seem to be gone overboard. Politics are blended with love very well. First half has nothing to offer except for both leads and some dialogues. Major part of the movie runs in the conversation of both leads. Director should have taken care to make them more effective. Second half has also nothing more and new to offer. Screenplay is same as sloping as in the first half. Second half passes with hope of political settlement for Surya and success of his love life. Narration of the movie is the flaw and make audience exhausted. Nothing happens in terms of story during first half and story starts moving forward towards climax. Director blended hope, love and opportunity very well in the story but failed to conceive it with a better screenplay. To sumup, Oka Manasu is just for limited audience.

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