Ok Ok Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

Ever been to one of those films where the inabilities of the new hero are concealed (try to conceal) using a market tested persona for him, seasoned supporting actors, exotic duets and catchy tunes. Close.


Srinivas (Udhayanidhi Stalin) plays the market tested hero who is not into academics, has no special talents, talks to his mom about his love life etc. The relief was that he stayed away from the biggest trait – fighting goons. Srinivas and
his best friend (Santhanam playing Bangar Raju) are your typical feel good movie guys who chase skirts all day. And on one day Bangar falls for a girl at a traffic signal and the same happens to Srinivas a few days later when he sees Meera

Srinivas does a montage of following her for a while and panics a little when he learns that Meera is the Assistant Commissioner’s daughter. The screenplay moves back and forth between montages of Srinivas trying to win Meera and his
life otherwise (hanging out with Bangar, the family drama and Bangar’s love life).

What’s good?

Humor’s in plenty and is not disconnected from the film’s narrative. But, what troubles the film’s pace is lack of any real conflict. From the very beginning the characters face used up situations with that tinge of improvisation which works fine in the moment, but, doesn’t really shake you up.


Santhanam is whom you will remember by the end of it (though Ali’s voice is a better dub for him than Sunil’s).


Works fine in the moment.

Reviewed by Rohit
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