Oh My Friend Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
Telugu cinema at it’s ridiculous best.

The broad minded debutant writer/director (Venu Sriram) had taken it upon himself to broaden people’s minds with regard to the male-female friendship issue. Unfortunately our debutant is one of those film makers who just cannot think of anything original like the cream of his generation.

Chandu (Siddarth) and Siri (Shruti Hasan) are friends, since childhood. Now, they are in a relationship with Ritu (Hansika) and Uday (Navdep) respectively. And now they need to prove the purity/chastity/virtue/celibacy/honor/mediocrity (of every single scene) to their future partners, the stupidest of parents of recent times and to us (the ever bearing audience).

Within this incredible plot line are the extremely under detailed sub plots of Chandu’s issues with his dad and his career as a guitarist. Being the sort of film where everything is plain, unoriginal trash you would probably start laughing at the serious scenes pretty early.

Hollow screenplays
All our bad films (say about 99%) can be classified as such. Except for the main outline (which is nothing short of ‘ridiculous’), none of the writing has any sort of research or even the most basic detail work.

And with writing such as that brought onto film; is just an insult to the people it’s supposed to represent. The insult to the more particular group such as musicians in this one is expected. But, to even think that ‘people’ in this film represent ‘people’ is a scary thought. Most of the conversations and behavior was very extraterrestrial.

Siddarth started getting into the groove slowly, but, he’s doing fine now. He had managed to seem as ‘worry free idiotic’ as the rest. It’s almost like he’s playing a spoof of his own super hit (Bomarillu) over and over.

Shruti Hasan stayed on track like she’s promised. Picks a boring character and upgrades it to torment capacity.

Hansika had always been one of my favorite comedians. She too, continues to amuse.

One of those films which stuns (with the stupidity) and numbs (with the length) you by the end of it. Years later, you won’t even remember watching it.

Reviewed by Rohit

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