Oh Baby Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)
Movie Name Oh Baby
Cast Samantha Akkineni, Naga Sourya, Rajendra Prasad, Lakshmi
Director Nandini Reddy
Music Director Mickey J Meyer

OhBaby ReviewRemaking a movie from another language is a common trend in every film industry even in this era of OTT ruling the roost. Producers are in a hunt of such movies which have universal appeal or emotional content, literally. Oopiri which stars Nagarjuna is a remake of “The Intouchables” a French movie and recently released “Bharat” starring Salman Khan is also a remake of a Korean movie “An Ode to My Father”. The audience has every facility to watch the movie simply on the OTT platform but the producers might be aiming to reach that audience who don’t have that OTT facility. Samantha Akkineni and director Nandini Reddy came together for a film for Suresh Productions named ” Oh Baby” which is a remake of Korean film “Miss Granny”. This movie is releasing into theatres today. Let’s see how it works on us.



Baby (Lakshmi) is an old lady who has all the so-called bad qualities of being old. She runs a college canteen along with Chanti (Rajendra Prasad). As an old lady, her way of caring is different and her daughter in law is affected very much mentally and health wise due to the naggings of Baby. She gets admitted into a hospital due to a mild heart stroke. The doctor advises the family to join Baby in an old age home for the betterment of her daughter in law which hurts the baby as her granddaughter yells at her telling this. She goes from there to her canteen and she gets a call from her grandson inviting her to his musical performance and it changes the life of Baby. How her life changes?

Cast and performance

Lakshmi has done a great job in the role of Baby. Her character is the crux for the movie to workout and she bettered her role. Samantha Akkineni has done a terrific job in her role. She is fantastic in every aspect and dubbing of Chinmayi to her role helped. Rajendra Prasad is superb. Rao Ramesh once again proved himself in the emotional sequence. Naga Shaurya is nice. Teja, Pragathi, Snigdha, RJ Hemanth are good. All other actors have done a good job in their roles.

Writing Department

The story of Oh Baby is different conceptually and the screenplay is good. The dialogues of the film are written well.

Technical departments

The songs composed by Mickey J Meyer are nice. He put in a great effort in composing background score. Richard Prasad has done fine work in terms of cinematography. The editing of the film could have been better. The production values are grand.


-> Samantha Akkineni
-> Comedy sequences
-> Concept of the film


-> Too much of emotional scenes
-> Routine approach to a unique concept


Oh Baby is a story that tells the life of older people in the family and their innate feelings. The film has a really unique concept which stands out from the rest of Telugu films. With such a concept in hand, director Nandini Reddy and writer Lakshmi Bhupala approached it in a very routine way like every other Telugu film with loud emotions and summarised dialogues. Even the revelation of new things is done so routine. This is a disappointing aspect of the film. The positives include Samantha Akkineni and her character which generates good humor with the body language and dialect. The emotional scenes are good but gone overboard may be to entice the family audience. The second half seemed a bit longer, maybe because of the conclusions. The film is not what the trailers or promos have promised and to summarise, Oh, baby is a film aimed for the family audience with a fantastic performance of Samantha Akkineni with a few surprises.

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