Odd one out among Tollywood producers

Tollywood producers are known to be the growing ones in South Indian film industry. Compared to Kollywood and Mollywood, Tollywood is giving good profits to its producers. But in the recent times, piracy touched the peaks in the industry. Buzz raised in the media that “Rabhasa” songs came out in the internet. Due to this effect, Tollywood producers saw drastic changes in their profits.


Almost all the producers who were bitten by piracy encountered huge loss at the box office but one producer gained so much due to piracy. This odd one out producer is none other than the risk taking producer, BVSN Prasad. Even though, “Atharintiki Daredhi” got released unofficially on the internet, Prasad minted profits at the box office with the flick.

In the last few months, several producers like Dill Raju lost huge amounts in film industry. There are several reasons like piracy, agitations in the state and many more. In spite of all these hurdles and in spite of facing the biggest problems, BVSN Prasad stood on the top of the list with the biggest blockbuster in Tollywood till date.

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