October Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Movie Name October
Movie Rating 3/5
Movie Cast Varun Dhawan, Sahil Vedoliyaa, Gitanjali Rao, Banita Sandhu
Director Shoojit Sircar
Music Director Shantanu Moitra
Production Company Rising Sun Films
Release Date April 13, 2018

Shoojit Sircar has always been dealing with subjects and plots that has something to do with utter gloom.He could mix some humour to it, of course very naturally in Vicky Donor and Piku, how muchever sorrowful is the sequence. And he is a pro at choosing a background music that doesn’t overdo its job. October is also handled with care, sans humour.

Varun Dhawan in October
Varun Dhawan in October

Dan (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli Iyer (Banita Sndhu) work as a trainee as part of their Hotel Management course, in a five-star hotel.Shiuli is very focused, dutiful and sincere, and a very pleasant person to talk to and be with. On the other hand, Dan is slightly insincere and undisciplined who gets regular warnings from his boss. Dan and Shiuli are no BFFs. They are friends as colleague and nothing more. On an unfair night, Shilu meets with an accident, falling off from the terrace. A fatal one which puts her into coma. The rest of the movie is about relentless love and hope around the recovery of Shiuli.

The best part of the film, is its utmost sincerity to be an honest film. The film keeps the characters and situation so real without polluting it with any uncalled background score. There is no pathos either. Shoojit plays a lot with silence which is more heart-wrenching. The next best part of the film is the protagonist’s character -Dan. Dan is a wonderfully written role. Dan’s undying love and positive approach brings smiles in the film. At the same time, he is flawed and impractical, but his conscience is likeable.However, the movie moves at a sluggish pace. Its seemingly long and creates a feeling that they could have finished everything in an hour. The progress is irritable.

October Hindi Movie Review
October Hindi Movie Review

The film’s got a perfect casting except the lead. Varun was good to his own standards, but the role had a wonderful scope to perform much more. Varun’s wannabe Salman body language seemed to be hard for to get rid of. Varun has been lucky to get such incredible characters like in Badlapur too. The good part is he hasn’t damaged the character, but it’s just that the actor could have put much more life into Dan. Banita hardly had a scope to perform. The guy who acts as Varun’s boss stands out and Dan’s friends are good too. Gitanjali Rao, who plays Shiuli’s mom was terrific in an extremely natural avatar and body language. Amazing actor, she is.

This slice of a life film, is a lot about moments. There are a handful of scenes in the film, which bring a smile or tear in you.Juhi Chaturvedi, should get a lot of credit for such a writing. The background score is very organic.

By the way, the significance of the title comes much towards the climax of the film and seemed convincing. The movie is a writer’s film more than that required a direction. Also, it reminded of Lootera which had a similar connection with tree leaf/flower.

To sum it up, October is soulful and slow.

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