Nurses Fires on Anchors Ravi and Srimukhi

The mass comedy show in a popular Telugu channel Pataas has now faced a serious problem. The nurses union has fumed fire on the show.

Anchors Ravi and Srimukhi
Anchors Ravi and Srimukhi

In one of the recent incidents of Pataas program, Anchor Ravi and Srimukhi have made some derogatory comments on Nurses. As a part of generating comedy, the anchors go so much farther but in that process, they forget to think twice about what they are uttering from their mouth. The same thing happened in Pataas. Anchor Ravi, Srimukhi along with a guest entertainer have gone way deep into some adult comedy dialogues about nurses in hospitals. Deeply hurt by their comments, the nurses union lodged a complaint in one of the Hyderabad police station branches. Police have registered the case with video proofs. Later the union demanded the show organizers apologize to nurses union of Telangana.

It’s not a new thing to see a complaint on Ravi and Srimukhi as many have explained about their behavior earlier many times.

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