Nudity – new fashion in Bollywood film industry?

Bollywood film industry is slowly touching the standards of Hollywood film industry. It is known that kissing and sex scenes are quite common in Hollywood. This kinds of “A” rated scenes were seen in Hollywood films during 1980s itself. It took almost 20 years for this trend to hit Bollywood.


In 2000s, Hollywood went a step ahead and actors posed nude to the cameras. Now, the same is being seen in Bollywood. Several heroines are daring to turn nude before the cameras. Several heroines in the recent times posed nude in the flicks. Now, heroes too joined this bandwagon. In Hollywood, this culture is now in progress.

The same culture is in progress in Bollywood too. Buzz is that the actor Amir Khan is posing nude for his upcoming film. It seems that he won’t have a single piece of cloth on his body. Adding to this, the nude scene of Amir Khan comes in the beginning of the flick. Daring bold move by Amir Khan!

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