Nude Scene in Chapter 6

Every one knows that "Chapter 6" movie Produced by Actress Kalyani in the direction of her husband Surya Kiran.The movie stars Bala and Sonia Soori in the lead.

Recently, a source from the unit revealed that the film has got a nude scene in this and while it is not sure how intense that is, they say that the movie might have a hiccup with the censor board. However, that point will work to the advantage of causing some sensation and publicity. But this still has come out from ‘Chapter 6’ raising interest among people to discuss.

On the other hand, many are surprised to see that someone like Kalyani who has been known for her decent roles has got nudity in her own movie. Incidentally, she is also playing a key role in the film. Well, it looks like masala has got no barriers even in the case of conventional starlets.

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