NTR’s statue in Vijayawada – Tallest in the state!

Legendary film actor NTR achieved huge fan following in entire state. He even have fans all over India and his family is now one of the leading ones in films as well as in politics. As TDP came back into the power in Andhra Pradesh, it is now planning to erect huge statue of NTR in Vijayawada.


It seems that the TDP leaders are discussing on this aspect. Just like Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s status in Gujarat, TDP leaders are suggesting huge statue to be erected in Vijayawada. Sources revealed that they are trying to get atleast tallest statue in the state record for it.

Branding turned out to be a costly affair in Andhra Pradesh. YSR statues gave huge publicity to YSRC during elections time. Similarly, Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi’s statues fetched good craze to Congress. Now, TDP is trying to beat them all with a huge statue in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh which will make Andhra Pradesh people feel proud that they have the tallest statue in South India.

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