NTR Family ahead of Mega Family in this social cause!

NTR Familya and Mega Family are equal on all aspects. In case of popularity, these families has good craze in both films and politics. In case of social service, Mega Fans associations comes up with blood donation camps and organ donation activities.
NBK and Chiranjeevi Social Cause

NTR’s family has a blood bank and a cancer hospital which serves people to the best. Interestingly, these families are having good healthy competition in case of social service too. Chiranjeevi Blood Bank lost the battle in the hands of NTR Blood Bank in case of coming up with creative commercials.

The latest commercial of NTR Blood Bank impressed one and all. This came up with a poster which has the eyes and the forehead of women. In one picture there is no bindhi and in the other picture there is a blood mark as bindi. The caption turned out to be, ‘Makes all the difference’. Its true that a woman’s forehead looks beautiful with bindi and with this made it clear that blood donation makes the difference in the society.

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