After NTR, Another Nandamuri Hero fined by Police

Just less than a week ago, we informed that NTR was fined by Hyderabad traffic police for violating traffic rules. Now, NTR has been fined again by traffic police for committing the same mistake of covering his car windows with banned black-filmed screen.

Nandamuri Taraka Ratna Fined By Police
Nandamuri Taraka Ratna Fined By Police

First, it was NTR Jr to get the fine but this time it another NTR, Nandamuri Taraka Ratna. According to reports, Tarak Ratna’s car was stopped by the police at Road No 45, Jubilee Hills DVB junction, and they informed the actor about the rule of Supreme Court before imposing a fine of Rs. 700 for using the black films on windows.

Just like NTR, Taraka Ratna was humble to not create any ruckus and cooperated with the traffic police until they finished the formalities. He left from the spot soon after the police removed the black films from his car windows.

He will be next seen in ‘Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’ starring Nara Rohith.

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