To Noora With Love to Release on May 1- Mamta is Back!

Mamta Mohandas, is definitely an artist to be admired. She once again proves her steely determination and grit, by starring in To Noora With Love which releases on May 1 and marks her comeback after her second battle with cancer!


The gorgeous and talented Mamta is not however, ready to immerse herself in the media mainstream right now as she is still undergoing treatment but after requesting those ravenous for a personal interview to respect her privacy, she did add that she would be happy to talk about the movie itself. Mamta plays a Muslim girl in this film, which is being directed by Babu.

Initially, when the shock of the recurrence of cancer hit her and physically demanding and exhausting treatments (including chemotherapy) began, Mamta took shelter in her seclusion form the world and practically confined herself to the four walls of her home.

It took her some time to realise that life had to be lived against all odds or it would pass her by, and that acting was the one passion she couldn’t give up. Her family too, having overcome their initial worries and doubts for her well being and safety, supported her decision to get back in to the industry.

The courageous actress, later, upon joining the sets of her movie, admitted that being with her co stars and the bustling life in the set did wonders for her mind and relaxed her.

It is indeed rare to see such strength of character in someone so young and that too in the often times, superficially glamorous and temperamentally fickle world of the movies.

So, with pride and adoration, Malayalam movie fans everywhere salute you Mamta and wait eagerly for your return to the screen…

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