No vice president for MAA

‘Movie Artists Association’ has been on the news during its annual elections and the nominees Naresh and Sivaji Raja and their respective supporting panel have rubbed the shoulders, making allegations and controversial statements of the opposite.

MAA Vice President
MAA Vice President

Naresh won the elections with 69 votes and Hero Rajasekhar has become the executive vice president, while director S.V.Krishna Reddy has been elected as the vice president of the association. It has been reported earlier that S.V. Krishna Reddy has submitted his resignation letter because of the misconduct and misuse of the treasure of the committee. During the election, he was in favour of Sivaji Raja panel and since he was the only one who won from Sivaji Raja’s panel, there have been few mishaps between the members. Now, this senior filmmaker has quit due to the fabrications. An official announcement from the members of ‘MAA’ is awaited.

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