No kisses for Katrina!

In all her films so far, Katrina Kaif has kissed only once, in Kabir Khan’s New York. She decided she wasn’t too comfortable doing it, and told a close friend that she had decided never do another kissing sequence again.

Katrina has now decided to make it official. She won’t do a kissing sequence, even if the producer-director uses the oldest trick to persuade her: the script demanded it.

Says a friend of the actress, “Katrina has said no to kissing scenes in all her films barring New York. And believe me, the directors are very keen to see her kiss her co-stars. Katrina cleverly keeps dodging all the so-called must-kiss scenes. She is a very conservative girl at heart. In fact, when reports claimed that she was going to wear a bikini in Dostana 2, a la Priyanka Chopra in the first Dostana, Katrina protested violently and made it clear to producer Karan Johar and director Tarun Mansukhani: no exposure, no kissing.”

Says Katrina, “I don’t deny I’ve done scenes in the past where I did things that I wasn’t comfortable with. But now I won’t. I just don’t feel comfortable doing kissing scenes, or for that matter, wearing a bikini on screen.”

In both, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti, there was apparently a request for a kiss with Ranbir Kapoor.

Katrina said a polite but firm no.

Says a source, “All the intimate scenes in Raajneeti are between Ranbir and his American girlfriend played by Sarah Thompson. They have lingering lovemaking and kissing shots. In the Indian portion of Ranbir’s story, there’s no intimacy with Katrina. She convinced the director that the character of the dignified politician would not go down well with the audience doing intimate scenes.”

Katrina is quite firm as she says, “It’s true. I’m not at all comfortable doing kissing scenes. Call me a prude or conservative. I just don’t feel kissing scenes jell well with our audiences. So no kissing scenes for me.”(TOI)


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