No honeymoon for Vivek Oberoi!

Another big Bollywood wedding is around-the-corner, and thankfully, this one won’t be such a super exclusive affair like the Bachchan baraat. Well, that’s another reason we like Vivek Oberoi, simply because he doesn’t keep his affairs as private. Lol!

Recently, on zoOm’s Encounter with Omar, he revealed, "We will be hosting a grand reception in Mumbai where chefs from all over the country (coming from a particular chain of hotel) will be dishing up a lavish spread of their signature dishes. The wedding will be in Bangalore, on this huge property owned by Priyanka’s family."

And what about the dream honeymoon? "No honeymoon for us right away as I am busy with the promotions of Rakht Charitra. But we’re planning something sometime in November. Priyanka likes deep-sea diving and I like flying planes, so maybe we could do a bit of both." Well, you can fly as high as you want VO, as long as your better-half can keep you grounded, what say?

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