No Entry To Hyderabad For Mahesh Kathi – Police Puts a Ban

The police officials of Hyderabad city have taken a historic decision of putting a ban on a person entering into Hyderabad. Apparently, the person happens to be the controversial filmmaker Mahesh Kathi. The cops took this decision after carefully examining the complaints filed against him. The cops felt that his ban from the city would help for the protection of peace, law, and order in the city.

Mahesh Kathi Banned From Hyderabad
Mahesh Kathi Banned From Hyderabad

A lot of people, especially the Hindu organizations have filed cases against Mahesh Kathi for making objectionable comments on Lord Srirama and Ramayana. A lot of people from political arena and film fraternity have smoked fire on Mahesh Kathi in this issue. As a result, the cops have ordered Mahesh Kathi not to enter the city premises.

If Mahesh wants to come to Hyderabad, he must certainly possess the permission letter from Hyderabad officials.

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