No ‘Aarakshan’ in Indian film industry: Amithab

Actor Amitabh Bachchan is proud to see that there is no ‘Aarakshan’ (reservation) in Indian film industry and he is certain that it sets the biggest example of national integration in the country.

"There is no ‘aarakshan’ in Hindi film industry. Rather I would say that Indian film industry is big example of national integration," Amitabh told reporters at a radio station here Tuesday as he talked about ‘Aarakshan’, Prakash Jha’s forthcoming film dealing this very topic.

"When you stand in a line to buy a ticket you don’t see whether you are standing in the queue with a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. You neither check the caste or religion of the person sitting next to you in the hall.”

"Above all in the hall, you laugh together at the same comedy, you sing the same song, you cry at the same emotional scene. Across the world you won’t get a bigger example of integration than this," added the 68-year-old icon of the Indian film industry.

Produced and directed by Jha, ‘Aarakshan’ is a high voltage socio-political drama based on the most controversial policies of caste-based reservations in government jobs and educational institutions.

Apart from Amitabh, Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Deepika Padukone, Pratieik Babbar and Tanvi Azmi play pivotal roles in the film.

Giving a sneak preview about his character, Amitabh said: "I am playing a principal of a private institute who is a man of principles. He believes that everyone should be equally treated.

"When it’s not been practiced in his school, he runs a class in his home where there is no caste discrimination and he teaches those who are not treated equally so that they also get the merit and progress in life. He believes that if every student gets equal opportunities, then the students from deprived classes can also shine in life."

‘Aarakshan’ is set to hit theaters on Aug 12.(IANS)


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