Nithyananda in Kumbh Mela, will return on March 18

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On the other hand everyone is asking where is Nityananda? As per the latest news and reports, Swami Nithyananda, the spiritual leader is not in hiding but has gone to attend the Kumbh Mela. Swami Athmakrubananda, the spokesperson said that he would meet the press when required.

Swami Nityananda has been surrounded by a raging controversy after a sex tape video showing him with a Tamil Actress Ranjitha surfaced on Tuesday March 2. The Nityananda sex scandal enraged his followers and devotess, who attacked his ashrams in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Two cases of cheating have been filed against Swami Nityananda for hurting people’s sentiments.

Nityananda’s lawyer M. Shreedahr has also confirmed that Swami Nityananda had not absconded but was in Varanasi, attending the Kumbh Mela with 4000 devotees from across the globe. He added that he would return on March 18.

When asked about the woman, who was seein in the sex video, Shreedahr said that the film star Ranjitha started visiting the ashram to overcome depression caused by a failed marriage and very soon became Swami Nithyananda’s devotee. He asserted that the video clippings were morphed and also the woman in the clippings always has her neck covered.

He said that the ego clash among the inmates in the ashram could have been the reason for making the video and even money could have played a major role in it. He alleged that the group that made the video and the TV channel which aired it had struck a deal. Lastly he added that the TV channel demanded Rs.50 crore from Swami Nityananda.

Meanwhile Ranjitha is said to have gone to Jaipur where her husband stays. He is said to an army officer and his relatives say that he know of the relationship between his wife and Nithyananda Swami.

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