Nithya Menon Rejects Lip-Lock Scene!

Nithya Menon is one of the most sought-after actresses for selected roles in Tollywood. Now the latest talk in the industry is that Nithya Menon shocks a Tollywood young hero and director for planning the lip-lock scenes without informing her. She was ready to act in the glamor roles, but did not liked exposing in the movies.

Nithya Menon Lip Lock Scene
Nithya Menon Lip Lock Scene

As per the reports, now, Nithya Menon will not accept the movies without finalizing the story, remuneration, and her character in the film. Some of the producers and directors struggle hard to rope her in their movies. A young hero of Tollywood forced the director to plan for the lip -lock scene in a new movie. Director planned four kiss scenes to make the hero happy. Nithya Menon was roped in as a heroine for the said movie, and the director did not inform her about the kiss scenes while narrating the story. Nithya Menon was shocked on the sets by knowing about the lip lock scenes and said that “I am ready to act in the romantic scenes but not in lip-lock scenes, and if you don’t like then I am ready to quit the movie”. Hero and director were shocked by Nithya Menon’s bold statement.

So, any guesses who is that hero and why he wants to kiss Nithya Menon?

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