Nithin, the next Tollywood’s Rajesh Khanna?

Actor Nithin had it all figured out. The lad first debuted with Jayam, as a romantic hero who fights for love. The film became an instant hit with youngsters. Nithin then went on try out some action genre, puching out angry dialogues and kicking some bad ass. However, that move was a complete disaster, leading him to lose the league with a string of 12 flops. His career was near sinking when, Ishq happened, and as they say folks, the rest is history. The man now realised that the only image that will ever work for him would be that of Romance. Nithin gave another hit with Gunde Jaari Gallanthaiyinde and is now to appear in films Courier Boy Kalyan and Heart Attack. Looking at the spurt of romantic films he is doing, film analysts wonder if Nithin will become the Rajesh Khanna of Tollywood, a complete ladies man with immense female following. Well, only time will tell.

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