Nirmala Convent Review – Not A Great Debut For Roshan

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

When a person from a Star family debuts as an actor, there will be a huge hype around that film. Roshan Meka son of veteran actor Srikanth is now debuting as an actor with Nirmala Convent movie which is being written and directed by Naga Koteswara Rao produced by none other than King Nagarjuna and Nimmagadda Prasad co starring Shriya Sharma. This movie has got huge hype and expectations with the involvement of Nagarjuna as producer and also for doing a guest role. It has done a fantastic pre release business for its range. This movie is releasing today in theatres. Let’s see how it works on us!!


Roshan and Shriya Sharma in Nirmala Convent
Roshan and Shriya Sharma in Nirmala Convent

The story of Nirmala Convent takes place in Bhupathinagaram. This village has a head Raju who has 99 acres of land for which water comes through one acre owned by low caste person Veeranna (L B Sreeram). With this one actor Veranna revolts against the caste difference between Raju and them which makes Raju angry by which Veeranna gets killed. Responsibility of that one actor comes to Veeranna son David. Shyam (Roshan Meka) is the son of David who studies along with Shanthi (Shreya Sharma) grand daughter of Raju. They both fall in love with each other which makes Bhupathi Raju (Adithya Menon) (father of Shanthi) angry considering disparities between them. David asks Bhupathi Raju to agree for their marriage. In return Bhupathi Raju asks for that one acre which is making them weak. What happens to that one acre?? How Shyam and Shanti unite forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

King Nagarjuna is nice. Though he did a guest role in this film his role is very limited and has nothing great in terms of novelty. Roshan Meka is impressive in his role as Shyam. He has a future in this industry. Despite his debut he hardly disappoints. Shriya Sharma is so expressive and did a fantastic job as Shanthi. She performed so well. She also looks gorgeous on screen. L B Sriram is terrific. David father of Shyam did a fantastic job in terms of acting. Anitha chowdary is so good. Adithya Menon is good. Sameer and Ravi Prakash are okay. Thagubothu Ramesh is humourous. Other cast and Performance did good job.

Writing Department

Nirmala Convent Photos
Nirmala Convent Photos

Story of Nirmala Convent is so simple and is in the lines of beaten to death formula. Screenplay is mediocre. Dialogues are okay.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Roshan Salur for his debut movie are good. Kotha Kotha Basha sung by son of A R Rehman is a chartbuster. Background score is good. Cinematography by S V Vishweswar is nice. He has shown locales of village so engaging and beautiful. Editing is just okay. There is a lot more to edit out. Production values are nice.



  • King Nagarjuna
  • Teenage pair of Roshan and Shreya Sharma


  • Story & Screenplay
  • Template routine story


This movie is a debut for Roshan Meka, Shriya Sharma as actors and Roshan Saluri as Music director. To make an impactful debut the movie should have a fantastic premise and story which Nirmala Convent lacks. This movie runs in a very routine way and audience get disappointed from the very first 15 minutes having huge hype for its promotions. First half of the movie is tedious and second half is okay. Director Naga Koteswara Rao has failed in penning a convincing story and directing it. Second half seems to be inspired from Slumdog millionaire and the scenes where Roshan tries to get Nagarjuna’s attention has nothing to excite. King Nagarjuna’s guest role doesn’t make any difference to this pale and mediocre movie. His guest role appeals more to his fans. To summarise, this Nirmala Convent is not a great debut for anyone despite it’s cast and production.

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