Nippu Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is
Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja IN AND AS Nippu.

To make sense of our screenplays or the lack of it, the audience are taken as someone familiar with the whole idea of a Telugu film. Otherwise, they might end up thinking that it’s the first and last of its kind and might go around talking about it. Don’t want that to happen. If someone like that comes around, assure them that celebrated stupidity is a norm around these parts.

The film’s central line (like the norm) is a stolen one (from the 2004 Malayalam film Perumazhakkalam which was later adapted for Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dor).Stolen one says because it’s treated that way. They have no respect for other’s ideas because they in all probability never had one decent original idea.

Surya (the in and as guy) has to get a death penalty plea signed by this major villain. And who’s the villain? The father of this girl who got killed in the Saudi recently. Who killed her? Everyone thinks it’s this guy who is Surya’s best friend. And like all best friends, he’s gotten into trouble because he’s not the hero and is stupid enough to push it to a point out of which only Superman can save him. And like all Supermen of all our movies, everything around them keeps flying; cars, sparks and people being the usual favourite.

We have been in this particular zone where only a clichéd film might strike us as main stream. That way, this is as main stream as it can get.

All the clogged in action sequences over the years have given birth to the humorous goons who try adding a little fun to the otherwise tiresome hero cliché. Improvising these primitive clichés triggered regression of all departments of film making. Editing especially is way past unbearable in our films.

Ravi Teja had found this thing that works for a few laughs and he’s not really bothered to do anything but earn fat loads of this. His streak continues.

Most of the females are just brought in as eye candy and when they are given what’s supposed to be a serious scene, you feel sorry for them. Why should the poor girl try so hard? You know she can’t act. I felt sorry for Deeksha Seth.

You know they are all the same. A DVD of any Ravi Teja film should cost less than the theatre screening, unless you like the food court of your regular theatre.


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