Nikita intimidates men!

MUMBAI, JULY 04 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) We agree that the ‘Dil Dosti Etc’ girl Nikita Anand does have a lot of uniqueness in her portfolio. She’s been ‘Miss India’ , is known to be a designer and has been both, a sport anchor and a writer. But that’s not what men find intimidating about her. It’s her gymming schedule that they do. Being a fitness buff, Nikita hits the gym every day.

Recently, she had a bizarre experience at her gym. "My instructor came up to me and asked me to slow down my daily workouts because it was intimidating the men who came there," she laughs. Did Nikita have better biceps or was it that the men just couldn’t concentrate on their workouts?

Whatever the reason, Nikita’s fitness fetish is enough to put most gym buffs to shame. She also analyses her diet and workout schedules on a weekly basis, and reads up everything on the subject she can lay her hands on. So vast is her knowledge on gymming that many have even suggested she try penning a book on heath.

"After I finish shooting for my upcoming films ‘Monopoly ‘ and ‘Ek Second – Jo Zindagi Badal De’ , I’m going to give a serious thought to that", the actress promises with a smile.

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