Nikhil’s strategic move before 3 months US course

Hero Nikhil

Nikhil is one of the most talented low budget hero in Tollywood. He came up with “Happy Days” few years back. He struggled a lot to get into the top position in the industry. Now, he is one of the top small scale heroes in the region.

Nikhil decided to go to New York to learn film related course for 3 months. Before that he is making a strategic move. He decided to go to Tirupathi to have tonsure. It seems that Nikhil is having this thought in mind for a while and now the time has come for him to offer his hair to the Lord.

As he won’t be involved in film shootings in the next few months span, he decided to go for it now itself. By the time, he comes back from his course, he would have hair again and there is no damage for his hero roles.

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