Niharika Konidela to pair opposite Naga Shourya?

With the recent rumours blowing about Niharika Konidela (22) making her debut in films, speculations rose weather who will be directing her film, who will be her first hero. Niharika, who is the daughter of Mega Brother Naga Babu and nephew of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, was recently roped into a film.

Niharika Konidela Marriage with Naga Shourya
Niharika Konidela Marriage with Naga Shourya

Naga Babu, who got first consulted by Mallela Theeramlo Sirimalle Chettu director Ramaraju, was taken away by the story the he was narrated. With having a mesmerising screenplay in the story, Naga Babu agreed to put his daughter in the hands of Ramaraju for her first film.

This film is rumoured of being produced by a popular news channel in Telugu will also stars Naga Shourya. Naga Shourya was seen in a couple of films in Telugu and earned the impression as a good actor.

This untitled film will be co-produced by Madhura Sreedhar, who is a producer noted for making sensible youthful romantic movies.

Let’s wait and see whether the rumors are true and if Niharika Konidela is being launched under Rama Raju’s direction.

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