Niharika Back to Muddapappu

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is gearing up to come up with a new season of her ‘Muddapappu Aavakai’ web series.

After tasting her luck and impressing audiences as a Television Host, Niharika took a big leap by turning lead actress in films. Her debut film ‘Oka Manasu’, which released recently with huge expectations, couldn’t satisfy even the mega fans and failed at the box office. With the failure of Oka Manasu, Niharika’s hopes of making it big in glamor world shattered.

Niharika Konidela Muddapappu
Niharika Konidela Muddapappu

In between TV and Silver screen, she had tried to impress netizens with her web series ‘Muddapappu Aavakai’ which received a good response. Now, Niharika has decided to come up with a new season. Praveen of the web series fame, who also worked in direction department of ‘Oka Manasu’, will helm the series.

Based on the response for Muddapappu… Niharika will decide what she will do next.

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