Nightclub offers BooB job

A nightclub in Australia is offering its customers a chance to win a breast enlargement surgery as a prize in a controversial lottery.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Sin City Nightclub on the Gold Coast launched posters of lingerie-clad women holding a sign saying ‘Win a boob job worth 10,000 dollars’ this week.

However, a disclaimer on the promo poster states that the prize was actually 10,000 dollars cash, with the nightclub simply suggesting a boob job as a way to spend the windfall.

Nightclub owner Jamie Pickering said male and female patrons at the April 3 Ibiza-themed party would be given scratchie-style tickets that would give them either minor prizes or, if their scratchie dictated, a chance to enter the ticket in the barrel for the ‘boob job’ draw, reports the Herald Sun.

He said he believed promoting a boob job over a cash prize would attract a greater patronage of females aged 18-30.

The offer has, however, infuriated body image experts, women’s groups and plastic surgeons.

Women’s Network Australia founder Lynette Palmen said the marketing ploy was aimed at the ‘inflated-ego Kardashian crowd’, while a spokesman for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General said the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation was investigating the promotion.

“It’s stooping to a new low as a marketing ploy in an image-driven society where cleavage dictates status,” said Palmen.

Queensland University of Technology body image expert Evonne Miller dubbed the campaign ‘sexist insanity’.

“I’ve never seen a sign saying win a 10,000 dollars penis enhancement. It’s sexist and shows there’s two standards in society,” said Miller.

University of Canberra marketing associate professor Petra Bouvain dubbed the campaign ‘risky and abhorrent’, but admitted it was clever marketing.(ANI)

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