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NH10 Movie Review: Gruesome reality of India

The film is the ghastly and lurid in essence and depicts the real rural India. Anushka Sharma’s maiden production venture is filled with strong acting, horrifying reality and very convincing deploy on screen. What happens on NH10 stays at NH10, and it truly shows how hypocritical Indian Democracy is. The road trip gone severely wrong, and a young couple falling victim to butchery is what we hear in real life happens in our country.

Depicting Indian women as they are perceived by the society and the gory honor killing phenomenon happening in Indian parts is going to send chills down your spine. If you cant beat the killers, the only way to survive is be one of them. And the power-packed Anushka Sharma flick is a winner for sure. What you might have just seen as crime representation on Television, in news stories, comes alive on big screen in front of you and you can’t help but gape at the thought of it. What if that ever happened to you? The film will leave you thinking about it all, when you leave the screens.

While Pinky and likes represent what is the India on the other line of the territory, Meera (Anushka) on the other hand is the woman who raises her voice and takes a stand when things get nasty. The brave Indian girl is what Meera represents.

The Navdeep Singh’s directorial will leave you gaping at the thought what all can happen in our very own country. They say women shouldn’t go out alone on streets at night, can’t marry someone of their choice, and everything boils down to the fault being of Indian women, while men bask in their fictitious glory and chauvinism.

Star Performances:

Anushka Sharma pulls off a stellar act and is truly convincing. She is so good on screen and so believable. Her acting meter has notched up to ten-folds with this brilliant performance. As Meera, a professional, educated women, who falls victim to goriest crime, Anushka has given to all a film that shoves at the face of male dominant creatures, the grim determination, a woman shows while you cross her. She steals the show away and will come as an inspiration to millions of women.

Neil Bhoopalam as Arjun and Meera’s husband has done a great job too. While crime happens in front of his eyes, at least he was man enough to raise his voice. He fights until his last breath and has stunned with his act.

Darshan Kumar as the monstrous Satbir, is so appealing and convincing that there would come a thin line for you to point out if he was indeed acting, Such is the natural finesse of the man.


Navdeep Singh with NH10 has brought on the platter such a sensitive yet overlooked issue widely prevalent in India. With a crime rate on the rise, this film truly is the representation of how horrific and ugly things can get. A bunch of hoodlums, a couple, honor killing and highway crime, all wrapped in one storyline is magnificent cinematic brilliance. The story is gripping and Sudip Sharma as the writer has done a marvelous job. Both the halves of the film are well-balanced and even the duration of the film is apt. The film will make you laugh, cringe, feel concerned and keep the thrill quotient up, throughout.

The screenplay and cinematography is done well too. Shot in Delhi and Northern plains, the backdrop of the film is very authentic.

The film’s music is in sync and there are no jazzy and snazzy distractions. The background score in intriguing as well and keeps the tempo of the film high.

Watch or not:

It is a must watch. It shows the real and bare truth about our land and its people. Honor killing is a widely debated topic and what comes along with it is also the harsh reality. Watch it for amazing performances, a powerful story and pounding thrilling quotient. A very believable story, in the right ambiance and powerful screenplay, NH10 is going to win views more from a very strong word of mouth.

Thumbs Up: Stimulating acting, authentic thriller quotient

Thumbs Down: Not much to technical error

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