Next Nuvve Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Next Nuvve
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Aadi,Vaibhavi, Rashmi Gautam, Brahmaji
Director Prabhakar
Music Director Sai Karthik
Production Company Bunny Vas
Release Date November 3, 2017

Production houses come together to produce a movie very rarely. No big production house would never come together for a movie. Three leading production houses, Geetha Arts, UV Creations and Studio Green came together in the name of V4 movies which is said to be formed to produce small budget movies introducing new talent. Their first production is “Next Nuvve” starring Aadi Sai Kumar, Vaibhavi, Rashmi Gautham and Brahmaji under the direction of popular tv anchor Prabhakar. This movie is touted to be a horror comedy with ample dosage of glamour. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres.


Next Nuvve Telugu Movie Review
Next Nuvve Telugu Movie Review

Kiran (Aadi Saikumar) is a television serial director and he goes into debts to Jaya prakash Reddy and he has a girl friend (Vaibhavi). Kiran comes to know about a palace his father bought and goes to see it and by conning JP’s son Raghu (Raghu) he gets money to renovate and convert the old palace into a hotel. Kiran, his girl friend, Sarath and his sister are owners and employees respectively. Guests keep coming they die in hotel in someway. Every guest dies there and there isn’t any clue about that. How are they dying? How this is solved forms the rest of the story.

Cast and performance
Aadi Saikumar is good as a tv serial director as well as owner of the hotel. He has improved a lot in terms of expressions in this movie. Vaibhavi as girl friend of Aadi is good in terms of performance and looks classy. Brahmaji as Sarath is so funny and he is at his best. Rashmi Gautham is in another level altogether with her curves and hot looks. Srinivas Avasarala who comes in flashback did a fine job. Shakeela is good in her small role. Raghubabu as RGV is good and all other characters are fine according to their roles.

Writing department

A still from Next Nuvve
A still from Next Nuvve

Story of Next Nuvve is simple and routine. Screenplay is so mediocre and doesn’t engage audience every time. Dialogues are okay and writing could have been much better.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Sai Kartheek are okay and Ala Meda Mida is well composed melody which was sung by Yazin Nizar and lyrics written by Krishna Kanth are nice. This song could easily be the best of the album. His background score is okay and could have been better. Cinematography is good and editing is okay and could be very much better. Art department did a very nice job. Production values are good.


Rashmi Gautham


Routine content


Next Nuvve is the story of guest dying one after another. One after another everyone dies after coming as guest in the movie. This story of deaths is narrated with lot of humorous sequences out of which some don’t work. To engage and entertain audience throughout the movie, it should have a well written gripping screenplay which this Next Nuvve lacks. Prabhakar, who is debuting as director with this movie is faltered in the writing stage itself and he seems to be directed this movie putting some horror comedies in his mind. This movie takes the entire first half and another 10 minutes in second half just to establish and rest has a flashback and a climax which is mainly run with popular punch dialogues. Flashback looks silly as a love story between a guy and a ghost happens. If Prabhakar has concentrated more on script rather than routine comedy scenes, this film would have been something. This movie doesn’t live up to the hype created by the trailer and promotions. To sum up, Next Nuvve is not a winner for the debut of Prabhakar.

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