New Twist in Puri Jagannadh and Loafer Movie Distributors Case

We have already reported that star director Puri Jagannadh had lodged a complaint alleging that 3 Distributors of his last release ‘Loafer’ have attacked him and ransacked his office.

Attack on Puri Jagannadh
Attack on Puri Jagannadh

But, the distributors claim that they weren’t involved in the attack. Kaali Sudheer, one of the Distributors of ‘Loafer’, against whom Puri filed a complaint, clarified that he wasn’t in touch with Puri for the past four months and he did neither spoke to him nor sent any message demanding compensation for the loss. He added that he has CCTV footage to prove his innocence.

If the distributors weren’t behind the attack on Puri Jagannadh, then who targeted the crazy director? Industry biggies and film lovers have condemned the attack on Puri whatever may be the reason. Many opine that no one gives extra money to a director when the film succeeds then why blame him for the failure?

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