A new addition in Trisha’s family

If you are jumping to all sorts of conclusions, then hold it. Trisha has a new addition t her family, her latest pet, a doggie. Trisha named the adorable pup as Zorro Krishnan!

“Proud 2 introduce our new addition2 d family, Zorro Krishnan” tweeted the actress while sharing the pic.


Everyone who loves Trish knows about her fascination towards animals. Trisha has been an active campaigner for adopting stray puppies as a drive in Chennai. Her representing the cause saw many stray pups being adopted by the residents in Chennai. Trisha loves to campaign for any causes worthy of adding value to the society and the civilization.

Trisha also has a great fondness for puppies and kittens, other than her social commitments towards animal welfare. She has been constantly adopting pets and Zorro, is the new cute addition.

It has been a while since Trisha was seen in Tollywood. The actress, who has cut down work and become choosy about roles, will be seen in some bog projects in Tamil. Her comeback in Telugu is long awaited by the fans, of course.

Here’s to the lovely lady and her unconditional love for Zorro!

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