Nenu Naa Rakshasi Movie Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is
A film that keeps the Puri graph in pattern. This is his downward slope after the success of Golimaar.

Abhi (Rana) is a professional killer (never ceases to seem funny, the thought of professional killers in Telugu films). In comparison though, the professional in this film isn’t the usual comic amateur we get to see, at least his gun was cool. Meenakshi (Ileana) is your ‘everyday stunningly beautiful’ girl who works in a coffee shop.

The film’s central issue is suicides and the reasons for it. A YouTube account by the name of ‘Itsmylifeboss’ is set up for filming suicides as requested by the one committing it.

Who and why is filming these suicides? Why is Abhi in his chosen profession? How do the lives of Abhi and Meenakshi come together?

What’s good?
By far the best part of the film is Amol Rathod’s visuals. That was in fact what I’ve been looking forward to. The touch of an ace cinematographer to Puri’s machismo screenplay.

Puri trying to move away from his usual writing technique, in a way.

What loses the grasp?
The film held its pace in parts, but, failed on the whole. The narrative lost its way somewhere in between and couldn’t bounce back in spite of a few Puri strokes.

The inevitable Ali was there, but, hadn’t got the usual humor that flows. Sort of reminds you of his episode from ‘Ek Niranjan’, vulgar.

Except for Michael Jackson’s Padithinammo, none of the songs contributed to the pace or the quality.

Ileana can be tagged as the one who can act if asked. Nothing radical but nothing much to complain about.

Rana’s got the voice, the look and the beard, but, he will be standing in line with the rest of the star kids if he tries to accomplish the matinee idol feat in the established path. This road is not for him.

The brilliant Abhimanyu Singh (Bukka from Raktha Charitra) proves that even the best of actors need good enough words on paper to make an impression.

Yet to watch: “Ela vundi ra cinema?”
Already seen the film: “Average mama”.

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