Nenu Local Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

There are many actors who are still waiting to get a single success in the form of a hit or blockbuster film. It has been a dream for many actors and there are some actors who are getting hits with every film they make. Getting a hit in today’s scenario is too hard as one or two out of ten films succeed. Nani, who come up with his own talent despite not having god father to care him is having a series of hit films starting from Yevade Subramaniam followed by Bhale Bhale Magadivoi, Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Gentleman and Majnu. He is now coming up with a movie titled “Nenu Local”, directed by Trinadharao Nakkina and is produced by Dil Raju under his SVC Cinema. Let’s see if Nani continue his success streak or not as the movie is releasing into theatres today.


Nani and Keerthy Suresh in Nenu Local
Nani and Keerthy Suresh in Nenu Local

Babu (Nani) is a local guy who do not have any aim or purpose in life and never bother around the happenings who also struggles to complete his backlogs. In this process, he comes across a charming and energetic girl Keerthi (Keerthi Suresh) and as all the normal guys he tries her. Lot of failures happen in between and finally they both are in love. Babu’s professor in college happens to be the father of Keerthi, who opposes their relationship and Keerthi agrees to obey him and the sad story begins. How Babu get her again? Forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Natural performer Nani, yet again proves his talent in acting. He is so good in his comedy timing and is superb in the mass avatar. His performance makes the movie a delight watch. Keerthi Suresh is nice and she is so expressive and gorgeous to watch. Posani Krishna Murali is hilarious in his role and makes us jump on our seats and Sachin is good. Naveen Chandra, is good in the small role. All other actors are fit for their roles.

Writing Department

Nenu Local Movie Poster
Nenu Local Movie Poster

Story of Nenu Local has nothing new to talk. Screenplay is entertaining in first half and lacks it charm in second half. Dialogues are superb.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad are good and are received well after the release of album. Arere Ekkada song is superb to hear with a soothing female voice and Next Enti is highly enjoyable. Background score is good. Cinematography Nizar Shafi is superb and visuals are nice to watch. Editing by Prawin Pudi is good and crispy. Production values are apt.


  • Nani and his performance
  • Comedy


  • Predictable Second half

Nenu Local is a story of a careless guy who is struggling hard to complete his backlogs and what happens when a girl enters his life. The story is much routine in content. Movie starts with Nani narrating his story and then goes into entertaining mode with the scenes and then a girl comes into his life and highly entertaining scenes are written between Nani and Keerthi Suresh which connects to the audience well. Interval comes at a point where Keerthi Suresh challenges her about Babu impressing her father and it is convincingly good. First half of the movie is engaging as well as entertaining. Second half begins in a good note and becomes highly predictable. This movies is out and out commercial one packaged with tried and tested elements. Writer Prasanna Kumar has done fantastic job in writing dialogues which connects to the youth and entertaining screenplay. Director Trinadharao Nakkina has done good job in showcasing Nani in a mass avatar which is new for him. He has taken a routine story and narrated it in engaging and entertaining way and he failed to handle the magic of first half in second half which becomes so predictable. To summarise, Nenu Local is another one in the list of Nani’s successful films.

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