Nenostha Review – Misfired Psycho Thriller

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Encouraging and giving chance to newcomers is not an ordinary gesture which consumes a lot of belief and finance. This is why films with newcomers as director and actor take a long time to come on sets. Some passionate directors produce themselves or make their friends produce their movie or they go for crowdfunding like Phanindra and Challa Srikanth. Nenostha is a new film which released into theatres today has a unique story and it is directed by Parand Kalyan which stars Surya Srinivas, Priyanka Pallavi, Gnan Prakash and others produced by Rising Dreams Basha Mahajar. This film is not promoted well but it is known to people who follow film and updates regularly as it’s promos a strikingly unique and well planned. Let’s see how it works on us!


Nenostha Movie Photos
Nenostha Movie Photos

Chethan (Surya Srinivas) and Nayan (Priyanka Pallavi) are lovers. They both love each other unconditionally. Chethan, being busy in his career moulding work, fails to spend the time which Nayan expects from him and clashes start between them due to this lack of understanding. To become free of clashes and to be back to normal love life, they both plan a trip to Araku. While in their journey they happen to meet a Psycho (Gnan Prakash), which they know over time. They both get vexed with his weird and psychotic behaviour and leaves him in between and they both continue their journey. What is his behaviour? How he meet them again? What is his motive? These questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Gnan Prakash who played the role of Psycho is terrific and he is perfect fit for the role. He chills the audience with his mannerisms and body language as a Psycho and at times we feel that we are seeing a real Psycho on screen. Surya Srinivas who played the role of Chethan is good and excelled in his part. Generally after seeing a lot of movies we expect heroine to be good looking for songs but Priyanka Pallavi is one who can perform well as well as look gorgeous with her appealing look. She has done a fantabulous job as Nayan. Other actors are well casted and performed according to their roles.

Writing Department

Storyline of this Nenostha is good and intriguing. Screenplay is good at parts and dialogues are apt for the sequences making the story move forward.

Technical Departments

Music by Anurag Vineel is good. His background score is superb and it made the movie more intriguing and interesting. Cinematography by Sambasiva Reddy is fantastic and his work is an added advantage for the film. Editing by Shiva Kiran is okay. Production values are apt and good.


  • Gnan Prakash Performance as Psycho
  • Cinematography
  • Story


  • Screenplay
  • Slow paced narration


Nenostha begins with establishing love relationship between Nayan and Chethan and followed by the misunderstandings and trip to Araku. Screenplay is engaging most of the time and seems a bit dragged sometimes in this half. This half ends in a very interesting way leaving audience wait eagerly for the other half. Second half goes with having engaging screenplay and riveting moments with Gnan Prakash. Second half disappoint us in terms of content which is quite predictable and not so racy. Director Parand Kalyan has done okay job in handling this film as a thriller as he failed to hold the thrill factor. He seem to have made this film with a lot of belief in his content and he failed in developing a racy screenplay. While having an interesting story line every writer or filmmaker tries to get a perfect screenplay to make the story work well. In this case, narrative is quite lame and it doesn’t quite make an impact. To sum up, Nenostha is an outdated thriller which fails to make an impact.

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