Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

The name Puri Jagannath is known to spell magic at the box office. Ravi Teja is a mass hero who commands good openings at the box office and he has a good fan following to boot. Producer Danayya has several hit films to his credit.

As a result, the expectations of the audience on Neninthe soared but the film seems to have fallen short of the expectations of the audience.

What’s it about:

The story is about a struggling assistant director played by Ravi Teja. His goal in life is to become a successful director like Puri, Vinayak etc. He comes close to Seiya, a struggling group dancer.

Brahmanandam is the director of the film for which Ravi Teja works as an assistant director. Subba Raju and Mumaith Khan are the lead actors in this film.

Seiya falls in love with Ravi Teja but he being a practical man who is focuses firmly on his goal, has no time for things like love. Supreet is a local leader who falls for Seiya and wants her desperately.

But out hero Ravi Teja foils all his evil designs. The remaining part of the film is how Ravi Teja goes about realizing his ambition in life.

The actors:

Ravi Teja is as energetic as ever. He however does not get to mouth too many punch dialogues. Ravi Teja fans may not be completely happy with his performance in Neninthe.

Seiya is cute but lacks the oomph and glamour that one looks for in a heroine today.

Supreet hogs the limelight for a major part of the film. Sayaji Shinde plays the role of a producer with ease.

Rama Prabha strikes a chord among the audience. Sairam Shankar  gives a good performance as a die hard fan of hero Subba Raju.

Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Krishna Bhagawan try to evoke some laughter but the comedy is not that impressive.

Chakry belts out his usual numbers and only the song ‘Krishna nagare maava… Krishna nagare…’ is catchy. Cinematography is good.

The bottom line:

Puri Jagannath deals with the life of actors, technicians, producers and junior artists in Tollywood. The subject is interesting but the lack of enough entertainment is a big minus.

Many of Puri’s satirical comments on overseas markets, websites, media and reviewers hold little interest to the average audience.

 The film will appeal to only a limited section of the audience and of course, to all those who are in the tinsel world.

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