Neil turns Deepika’s make-up man

Next we will get to see Deepika Padukone with Neil Nitin Mukesh in Pradeep Sarkar’s ‘Lafange Parindey’. Deepika finds a very good friend in Neil. For a particular accident scene, Neil has done Deepika’s make-up.

"I think I have made a friend for life and I think that’s what I cherished the most because he is a wonderful human being and that comes across on screen. We got along really well," said Deepika.

"There is an accident scene, where I need a different kind of make-up and he is trained in it so he told dada (Pradeep Sarkar) that he will do my make-up and he did. Another day where I was doing, not exactly an action sequence, but lot of cable work involved, he choreographed the entire act. So I think in every way he was there for me," Deepika added.

Deepika finds Neil very supportive who used to be around her even on his off days. "I can confidently say that he has been the most supportive and encouraging co-star, with whom I have worked so far. Even on days when he was not required, he would be there," said Deepika.

The actress feels that though Neil is hardly three or fours films old but he possesses the quality of being a director.

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