Neil’s bike stunts hurt

The promos of Neil Nitin Mukesh’s new Yash Raj film, Lafangey Parindey, shows the actor in a totally different light from his usual soft-spoken self — he plays a street toughie doing some daredevil stunts on his bike, including a wheelie and even standing on the bike.

While shooting for these sequences, Neil received training from action director Sham Kaushal. But the old adage — the best laid plans of mice and men — proved to be true when Neil’s bike went over a manhole while doing a stunt; all the onlookers gaped with their hearts in their mouths. Fortunately for the blue-eyed boy, luck was on his side and he managed to jump off his bike in time and suffered only some minor bruises. As Neil has realised, it’s never easy to play a lafanga.


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