Neil-Deepika’s midnight tales!

Sometime ago, rumour mills were on an overdrive about this screen jodi. They look hot together, alright. But alas… it’s only for the cameras.

Off-screen the two share a great camaraderie, and they are ‘great friends’, really. Such is their dosti that Deepika Padukone went on record to say, “Just because the media says things, we won’t stop being friends. If it makes people read articles, go read it.” Reacting to rumours of them chatting with each other in the dead of the night, Neil Nitin Mukesh says, “I have bags under my eyes because of her,” of course, he cackles with laughter while saying this. The buddies have also gone off on a midnight drive on Neil’s hot wheels, yep, his bike. “Well, it’s our secret drive, why should we tell you about it?” Deepika giggles. On probing her, she sweetly confesses, “When Neil was riding the bike it felt like I was flying. That is how big his bike is. We rode around the roads of Mumbai.” Well Neil, as long as the lovely Ms Dee doesn’t drive you nuts… vroom away!


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