Negative trolls on Sharukh irks his fans

Being a star in our country is not only about having an immense fan following and having a luxurious life, but there is a lot of negativity which comes with it. Especially in this age of social media, all the star actors have to deal with negative trolls.

SRK Fans
SRK Fans

The latest victim of this act is Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan. From past few days, a section of social media is circulating a video which questions the religion of Shahrukh and also states he has donated Rs. 45 crores to the victims of a gas attack that happened in the past in Pakistan.

Fans of Shahrukh came forward and started defending their favorite actor against all these trolls. They started tweeting using #StopFakeNewsAboutSRK. In a series of tweets, they stated how Shahrukh loves his country and how many philantrphy works he has done in his career.

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