Neetu Chandra’s dark encounter

MUMBAI, JUNE 12 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Sizzling beauty Neetu Chandra claims to be a tough woman courtesy her knowledge of Taekwondo. But few weeks back, when the lovely lady was shooting for ‘Khusar Prasad Ka Bhoot’ in Bhopal, there was one encounter that freaked her out. While shooting in a bungalow, Neetu was told about rumours of the house being haunted and that’s when the trouble started.

Sharing it with us, Neetu said, “I still get goose bumps when I think of the incident. While most of the shooting went smooth, there was one scene that required me running alone through a dark corridor. I delivered the shot smooth but after the cut, there was pin drop silence. I called out to our cameraman PC sir as well as the director, but there was just no reply. And that is when I really freaked out.” So was there really a ghost who called it ‘cut’? To that Neetu replied, “Thankfully, no. It was just a nightmarish prank that everyone had decided to play on me and they were even successful at it.”

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