Neetu Agarwal Charged Rs 20,000 for an “Half an Hour”

Neetu Agarwal Interview

Prema Prayanam heroine Neetu Agarwal has been in the news from past few days for involving in Red Sanders Smuggling business. She was arrested recently and released on bail. Now the actress is once gain hits the headlines, as per the reports Neetu’s manager demanded Rs 20,000 from channels to arrange the interview of her. This news has created another sensation in the media.

ABN media has launched an exclusive sting operation regarding this news and Neetu’s manager has demanded Rs 20,000 for Neetu Agarwal’s interview which was recorded. Listen the conversation of sting operation.

Now this turned the hot topic in the film industry. Neetu Aggarwal met the Mastan Vali while shooting of her film Prema Prayanam since then she is in a live-in relation with Mastan Vali, who is the prime convict in the Smuggling case. Later the duo got married and some money transactions also done to the smugglers from Neetu’s bank accounts.

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The latest we hear is that she also have contacts with few politicians and police also find some MLA’s phone numbers in her mobile phone. So, now police are observing her movements to find out big heads who involved in this Red Sanders Smuggling business.

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